Spinners Will Spin Me Right Round


If you want to start selling Mediterranean food in a city dominated by its own breed of Mexican food, the best thing you can do is take heed of the city’s obsession and work your flavors into something the locals are always craving. That’s why the people behind Spinners in Rancho San Diego are so damn brilliant. They offer all the traditional Mediterranean specialties -tabouli, gyros, felafel, hummus, etc., but tapped into the heart of San Diego cuisine by adding taco shop favorites with a Mediterranean twist.

Pita bread is cut into triangles and fried, then covered in tabouli, jalapeno hummus, feta, tatziki and chicken or gryos meat, to become “nachos.” A basic wrap is made into a burrito with a flour tortilla. Perhaps most fitting to San Diego’s taste buds are the Spinners Fries, which essentially combine the brilliance of carne asada fries with the Spinners flavors. Unfortunately, for the gluten free food lover, pita bread is off the table along with flour tortillas and even the fries are covered in batter.

But there is a saving grace for those with wheat issues -the tacos. Enjoy a corn tortilla with chicken or gyros meat (I prefer the chicken, it’s amazing), feta, tatziki and the cabbage and quinoa salad. You can even ask them add on some jalapeno hummus to give it some spice. It’s all delicious and, you don’t have to worry about any issue with wheat. Best of all, they’re only $1 on Tuesdays.

Image courtesy of Yelp user Cat A.

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