Mountain Mikes: The Best Gluten Free Pizza In San Diego

Reviewed by Jill Harness on July 5, 2012.

It’s widely known that most gluten-free pizza crusts have the flavor and texture of cardboard. As if that weren’t bad enough, plenty of the restaurants serving them make no attempt to actually keep the GF pizzas free from contamination.

Mountain Mike’s (found in San Carlos and Clairemont) is different in just about every regard. The texture and flavor is amazing -in fact, their crust actually tastes and feels like a regular (gluten-filled) thin crust pizza. Because the owner’s daughter has Celiac’s Disease and still regularly eats in the restaurants, they maintain a truly gluten free environment. In fact, if you order a pizza that happens to have a topping with gluten in it, the staff will politely inform you of that fact. For example, their cheeseburger pizza comes with thousand island dressing, ground beef, tomatoes, red onions and pickles -order it gluten free though and they leave the pickles off since they are made with a wheat vinegar (the pickles in the thousand island dressing are gluten free).

When it comes to toppings, Mike’s has a great selection and they load them on. Their creamy garlic sauce is one of the handful of white sauces that I actually enjoy on pizza -most just taste like processed, flavorless lard. Wash down your meal with a nice gluten free brew and enjoy eating a meal that tastes like it’s full of gluten-y goodness.

For those dining with the gluten-tolerant, the restaurant’s lunch-time pizza buffet is an incredible deal with all you can eat pizza and salad for only $7.99 (available Monday-Friday 11-2). Otherwise, their regular pizzas run a little expensive, but with their thick, chewy crust they’re still a great value given how filling they are and how many toppings are piled on. As for the gluten free pizzas, they typically run about $14 for a 10″ personal pie, which will certainly leave you with leftovers.

When it comes to pizza, Mountain Mike’s deserves a perfect 5 out of 5.

Image courtesy of Yelp user Rachelle S.

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