Chocolate Fruit Omelet: A Perfect Option for Sweet GF Breakfasts


For those of use who grew up on French toast, waffles , muffins and other tasty, gluten-filled treats, finding sweet breakfast options can be a bit of a challenge -especially if you don’t have access to GF breads or flour mixes. But chocolate omelets are a delicious option that can be made without any special gluten free ingredients. While the idea of a chocolate omelet may sound weird, you’ll be surprised at just how delicious these treats can be -they might even become your favorite sweet breakfast treat.


2-3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1  tbsp chocolate milk powder or Nutella or chocolate syrup (I prefer Nutella, but it is harder to blend in with the eggs)
1 tbsp butter
Fruit of your choice (I prefer tropical fruits such as mango, bananas and kiwis, but stone fruits or berries are great too)
Goat cheese, cream cheese, jam or chocolate syrup for the filling


Mix the eggs, milk and chocolate flavoring together in a cup. Melt butter in a skillet on medium heat, then pour the egg mixture into the pan.

Cook like a regular omelet and flip when the egg is almost all solid except for the top. Pour chocolate syrup, jam, cream cheese or goat cheese crumbles (or both) on the omelet surface and then add fruit.

Scoot the omelet on a plate and fold like a traditional omelet. Enjoy!